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This guy looks awfully familiar... Yes, as a little side project I tried sculpting myself into the scenes. By far the best looking character I made. That sounded a bit narcoleptic, eh hem, I mean narcissistic, but he actually is the character I spent the most time on. The only parts of him I didn't make from scratch are his jeans, the textures, and the base mesh. I imported him from Daz Studio and sculpted on the default character. Then I painted the textures in photoshop to resemeble more of my skin tone.


This is the antagonist of the short film. The character is originally made in Adobe Fuse and then exported to Cinema 4D. I made the duster, hat, and the vest for him but I decided not to use them because the textures got screwed up, and the duster kept melting when I turned on the cloth tag. I originally planned on the duster being dynamic with physics.


For this character I used the same method as with Carter. I used Daz Studio to import the base mesh, then sculpted on top of that. Fun fact: I used Clint Eastwood as a reference for sculpting his face. He may not resemble him very closely, because I ran out of time and had to move on before I could add wrinkles.


Shopkeep is the character I spent the least amount of time on because we barely see him in the short film. He is imported from Adobe Fuse.

Props &

All the props inside the store are all custom made. I textured, in C4D but since I rendered with the Corona Renderer the textures didn't transfer over so I had to remake alot of textures. These pics are what I wanted the revovler to look like. Fun Fact: I made almost all the props inside the store in one night. Most of the props I made one model and then rescaled it and changed the color to make it seem more like clutter and less repetitive. There are quite a few Easter eggs in the scene if you look closely. I'll give you one; the paintings on the shelf, one is the inspiration I found for the scene. It is concept art from Artstation and it is what I referenced for the base layout of the scene. The second painting is actually a drawing I made in my first year of art school.